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SilverTron Elite Colloidal Silver Generator
[ST-Elite V3]


I have had my Elite II now for 5 days — & made 6 good 500ml batches of 20 PPM colloidal silver. That might have cost to purchase had I been able to actually TRUST to find some legitimate product at a store or on the internet?? — anywhere from about $30 - $60 each time — or about $150 - $300 -- for what has cost me (in ingredients) 1 gallon of distilled water for about $.92 (our local price) & a few common chemicals that could not have amounted to more than $5 of an investment (& those chemicals will last me for many MANY more batches of colloidal silver I will be able to make before needing to mix them again!). Ships fast, is well packed. The machine comes with all the basics you need & is nicely sized so you can carry it in your hand. It’s encased in a thick sturdy plastic cover that is shut tight to keep its electronics inside protected. You’ll find a lot of information out there, & a lot of different machines — but you won’t find a forum with folks that actually use this equipment & will gladly vouche for it — & go to lengths to want to share this with other folks, except this one place on the www — at the cgcsforum.com site which has all the information or at the silvertronestore.com site to actually purchase a unit At silvertronstore.com you can find replacement wires, replacement electrodes, replacement mason jar tops, replacement electrode leads, & even a battery pack so you can take your Silvertron Elite II away from home AC & use batteries. This Elite V2 machine is truly, flexible, well thought out & engineered — & then shared at an affordable price for everyone to be able to generate REAL Colloidal Silver, frugally, made yourself, stable & viable to use, to keep on hand stored. The guy that makes & provides this equipment & the resources for all us regular folks is to be highly commended — so don’t forget to go visit the forum, sign up & say hi to Bill Peters first chance you get — you’ll be glad you found this set of engaged folks when you do. And you could be thrilled like I was when you get your hands on one of these great machines & make your own inexpensive Colloidal Silver at home FRESH when you need it! Folks come to the forum after buying something else & discover find out they REALLY WANT THIS MACHINE. Do yourself a favor, investigate this machine, these people before you make the same error. Regular folks participating on that forum 3-4 years are ready to help you. Thanks for reading, IslandMike on the cgcsform
Reviewed by: Michael Tucker from Big Island (Honaunau) Hawaii. on 2/11/2016
Date Added: 02/11/2016 by Mike
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