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SilverTron Elite Colloidal Silver Generator
[ST-Elite V3]


My Second Elite -- These Just Can't Be Beat!
I have a perfectly good Elite 2, but I've put it away as a backup. I got it a bit over 2 years ago and it still functions perfectly.
— it works practically the same — but instead of one screen, now it has several. The first screen is for “setup” where you input your MA, PPM, water amount, and if you want an alert to sound. The second screen shows stats and now includes a new Time Remaining countdown timer, along with the progress bar the MA and Voltage levels we also had on the Elite II.
The alarm sounds are a bit different, and the connectors are on the back side rather than the right side.
I just wrapped up my older unit, put it away as a backup, took the new unit and put in right into action. It used the existing power supply, the existing connecting wires between the Elite and the elements, the same silver rod and silver bar elements that I had been using for 2 years (with lots of life still left in them). It comes with another “Mason” jar top, 2 eye dropper bottles, a pipette, 2 silver rods, and instructions. I ordered another silver bar element as a spare while at it — those silver bar elements with the custom riveting are not going to be easy to find anywhere else (and now I have three)!
Date Added: 04/04/2018 by Michael T.
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