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SilverTron Elite Colloidal Silver Generator
[ST-Elite V3]


I purchased another generator before the Silvertron was recommended to me by my CS Mentor. The Silver Edge Generator arrived and I decided to give it a try since it had a 30 money back guarantee. It made Ionic Silver but good heavens it took 3 hours to make a quart. In the meantime, I was doing my research on the Silvertron Generator and reading as much as possible on the Forum Boards. In no time, it was a no brainer, the Silver Edge was going back!

Unfortunately, I had to wait a few days to order my SilverTron as they were out of stock. But once they were available and the purchase was made my generator came quickly. I was pleasantly surprised that a newbie like me could use the generator with ease. It is literally a set it and forget it model that produces CS quickly. I can make a half gallon of in 36 minutes with the SilverTron! I recently purchased a heated magnetic stirrer and plan to make my first batch of high PPM Colloidal Silver. I am super excited!!!

If you are sitting on the fence about buying this little gem because of the price... get off the fence and buy it. It is worth every penny! Thank you Mr. Peters for this amazing generator and all the knowledge you share on the forum! I am a forever fan. :)
Date Added: 01/21/2020 by Chancy S.
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